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Players only need to new website http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to register a Gtarcade account, and visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/transfer to write down your TBgames account information to binding it, then we can transfer your characters to new website.

Then you can visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to login and check your character on new website "My Servers" page. But please make sure only the highest level character in your account can recharge now.

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1, Visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ and register a Gtarcade account

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The old website will close after April 15th ,2017 4:00 am, after this only can us GTA account to login on new website, please our players pay attention and tell each other.

League of Angels

League of Angels is a dynamic turn-based strategy MMORPG set in a fantasy world of angels, magic, and heroes. Join thousands of players in a quest to fight evil, free imprisoned Angels, and become a legendary hero! Awaken the Angels
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'We traveled under cover of darkness to limit Fangjagger’s powerful sight. Byron stood at the prow, faintly illuminated by Boadicea's halo. The Night Sentinel stopped. "What's that sound?" But it was too late. Zweihander bore the full brunt of the goblin assault.'

Proper party formation can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  Party formation requires a high degree of strategy.
Arrange your party by clicking the Party button.

                                                                                                  Fig. 1: Party Button

                                                                                                      Fig. 2: Party

Players can click and drag heroes from the left side of the screen and place them on the right. Party formation determines attack order as well as which units get attacked first. Placement within the party determines which heroes benefit from your Angel's halo.
As you level up, you’ll acquire more slots to place more heroes in your party.  Eventually you’ll be able to place up to five heroes of multiple classes. Adjust your party's roster in order to prepare against different challenges – particularly in PvP events. 
Remember to position units to maximize the benefits received from your Angel's Halo!

As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change the appearance or effects of systems and classes in-game. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence. If you discover any errors, bugs or inconsistencies please contact us immediately and we will fix it during the next update.