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League of Angels

League of Angels is a dynamic turn-based strategy MMORPG set in a fantasy world of angels, magic, and heroes. Join thousands of players in a quest to fight evil, free imprisoned Angels, and become a legendary hero! Awaken the Angels
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As the twilight of the gods descended, hedge knights and solo warriors were unable to rescue the angels from their peril.  That task fell upon a group of chosen heroes, known as The Brave.  Recruit up to 4 heroes simultaneously for your cause - they may just be the difference between life and death. 

Fig. 1: Tavern

Recruiting is unlocked at Lvl. 22. 
Recruit team for your party at the Tavern.
Recruiting uses up Herosouls. 
Different Taverns and the Heroes within 
There are 4 different Taverns in League of Angels: Dawn Tavern, Twilight Tavern, Midnight Tavern, and Enigma Tavern. 
Dawn Tavern is revealed at Lvl. 24, offering Opal and Garnet Heroes. 
Unlock Twilight Tavern at Lvl. 45 to recruit Garnet and Topaz Heroes. 
Lvl. 61 players can call upon the formidable Topaz and Ruby Heroes of Midnight Tavern. 
Stay tuned to learn more about Enigma Tavern!
Recruiting a hero uses up the corresponding type of Herosouls - such as Opal Herosouls for an Opal Hero. Draw cards at the Tavern to score your Herosouls today!