Dear player, our old website will be closed.

Players only need to new website http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to register a Gtarcade account, and visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/transfer to write down your TBgames account information to binding it, then we can transfer your characters to new website.

Then you can visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to login and check your character on new website "My Servers" page. But please make sure only the highest level character in your account can recharge now.

If you forget your TBgames account, please send your character information to our customer server (loa.cs@teebik-inc.com), Complete character information will help us to check as soon as possible.

***Attention, if you input tbgames login email on new website and it say "TBgame login email invalid", please

1, Visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ and register a Gtarcade account

2, Send your TBgames login email, Gtarcade account, 1 character you want to keep (one account only one character can recharge in new website) to our customer service.

The old website will close after April 15th ,2017 4:00 am, after this only can us GTA account to login on new website, please our players pay attention and tell each other.

League of Angels

League of Angels is a dynamic turn-based strategy MMORPG set in a fantasy world of angels, magic, and heroes. Join thousands of players in a quest to fight evil, free imprisoned Angels, and become a legendary hero! Awaken the Angels
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Warden of all living things, Prospera was abandoned to the Forgotten Realm where she lingered, the last hope of her people. Casting seeds throughout the land, luscious forests and woods sprung to life as she blessed the earth with her bounties and grains. From nearby hamlets to distant frontiers, her grace and majesty were revered throughout the lands. Songs were sung in her name, and Prospera soon became the most popular angel among the smallfolk. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Attack: Physical 
Skill: Path of Thorns. Deals (150% Basic ATK + 300) PATK DMG to all enemies
Unlock: Lvl. 30+ characters who have unlocked the Knight★ ★ ★ flair may deploy Prospera.