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Players only need to new website http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to register a Gtarcade account, and visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/transfer to write down your TBgames account information to binding it, then we can transfer your characters to new website.

Then you can visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ to login and check your character on new website "My Servers" page. But please make sure only the highest level character in your account can recharge now.

If you forget your TBgames account, please send your character information to our customer server (loa.cs@teebik-inc.com), Complete character information will help us to check as soon as possible.

***Attention, if you input tbgames login email on new website and it say "TBgame login email invalid", please

1, Visit http://loa.gtarcade.com/ and register a Gtarcade account

2, Send your TBgames login email, Gtarcade account, 1 character you want to keep (one account only one character can recharge in new website) to our customer service.

The old website will close after April 15th ,2017 4:00 am, after this only can us GTA account to login on new website, please our players pay attention and tell each other.

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Quiz Dash 2

​51 Which nation suffered the heaviest casualty count during World War II? USSR

52 Number of holes on a golf course:      18 

53 Number of time zones in the world:     24
54 The author of The Three Musketeers is: Dumas

55 Great Gatsby's author is:   Fitzgerald

56 -ology means: Study of

57 The American Civil War is also know as:     Wellington

58 Which book was written by John Steinbeck: MacGyver

59 What does it mean for a jet to be invisible?          Radar blind

60 Number of months with exactly 30 days:  4

61 The legal drinking age in the US is:

62 The bugle call used to awaken troops in the morning is called:  Reveille

63 The river flowing through the heart of London is called:    Thames

64 The man who killed Alexander Hamilton is:   Aaron Burr

65 Rapper Eminem's real name is: Rainbows

66 Which year was Pearl Harbor attacked?1941

67 Element used in toothpaste to prevent cavities is: Fluoride

68 Musical instrument that's also a geometric figure is: Triangle

69 The latin name for the constellation known as "The Twins" is: Gemini 

70 Author of Jabberwocky is: Carroll

71 Number of lines in a sonnet: 14

72 last section of a composition is called: Finale

73 Inventor of the cotton gin is:  Eli Whitney

74 This actress is known for having violet eyes: E. Taylor

75 What are bullet proof vests made of?    Kevlar 

76 What is the language spoken by the most people on earth?      Chinese 

77 Thomas Edison's rival is:     Tesla 

78 Proponent of the rubber vulcanizing process: Lindbergh

79 The only natural enemy of Great White Shark is:  Killer Whale
80 The crime of using others' words without permission or citation: Plagiarism

81 In Greek and Roman mythology, nectar of the gods is: Ambrosia

82 Which wonder of the world was found in Iraq?    Converters

83 The first World War began in:     1914

84 The medieval "science" of transforming base metals to gold is:   Alchemy

85 The Nutcracker was composed by:     Tchaikovsky 

86 The first US president was: Washington DC

87 Which substance, found in bogs and swamps, can be described as "unfinished coal"?    Peat

88 Toothed fish known for killing humans and animals in swarms are called:  Piranha

89 The second World War began in: 1939 

90 Nephrology concerns: Kidney  

91 Magellan circumnavigated the world in:   16th century

92 Number of provinces in Canada:   10

93 Otolaryngology concerns: Pluto

94 Mickey Mouse's dog is called: Pluto

95 Neon is a: Noble gas

96 With regard to television display, what is the meaning of the acronym HD? High def

97 The architectural term referring to a decorative band along the wall isL:      Frieze

98 The capital of Sundan is:       Khartoum 

99 "The Raven" was written by:    Poe

100 A sophmore is in which grade in high school?     10