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League of Angels

League of Angels is a dynamic turn-based strategy MMORPG set in a fantasy world of angels, magic, and heroes. Join thousands of players in a quest to fight evil, free imprisoned Angels, and become a legendary hero! Awaken the Angels
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Q: How does combat work in League of Angels?
A: League of Angels features an advanced turn-based combat system. Your Heroes, Angels, and inventory ultimately determine the outcome of each battle. Choose wisely and you can take down enemies far stronger than yourself.
Q: How is strike order determined?
A: AGI (agility) determines strike order.
Q: If two Heroes have the same AGI, which one strikes first?
A: In the case where two Heroes have the same AGI, the server will randomly select one hero to strike first.
Q: How are skills triggered in combat? 
A: Heroes get a certain amount of “Rage” for each attack they make or take, when their rage reaches 100, they will use their skill. Angels cannot be attacked, and automatically gain a fixed amount of Rage after each round.
Q: How is victory determined?
A: In League of Angels, you achieve victory by killing all the opposing sides’ Heroes (not including Angels). 
Q: When can I begin to learn new skills? 
A: In League of Angels, you may begin to learn new skills after reaching Lvl. 23.
Q: How do I learn new skills?
A: After clicking the ‘Skill’ tab in the Character (‘Char’) menu, you can exchange Warsouls to learn new skills or upgrade your existing ones. 
Q: How do I get a Warsoul?
A: Warsouls can be dropped in Team Dungeons or exchanged for Arena Emblems in the Arena Shop.
Q: What’s the difference between passive and active skills?
A: Active skills are triggered by Rage, while passive skills are not: these usually provide the Hero with a long term buff, such as increased stat development. 
Q: What kind of equipment is available in League of Angels?
A: Each hero can wear 6 types of equipment: weapons, armor, greaves, helmet, accessories, and boots.
Q: How do I tell which equipment is best?
A: Generally speaking, the easiest way to tell which equipment is best is by its color: Green is weaker than blue, purple beats blue, orange is stronger than purple, while red is the strongest. 
Q: How can I get better equipment? 
A: Unlock better equipment by playing Erebus, Arena and participating in special server events.
Q: How do I make my equipment stronger?
A: There are several ways you can make your equipment stronger. Try enhancing it, or embedding gems.
Q: How come some equipment can only be enhanced to +5, while other equipment can be enhanced to +20? 
A: The number of times equipment can be enhanced is determined by its quality. A piece of blue equipment may only be upgraded 5 times, while a piece of higher quality equipment can be upgraded over 50 times. 
Q: Can I make my own equipment?
A: Sure: go to the Forge, and then click on the ‘Synth’ tab. There, you can use various prints and materials to synthesize your own equipment.
Q: Are gems really useful? How do I get them?
A: Gems are one of the best ways to give your Heroes a stat boost. You can get lower level gems though playing Gemology - League of Angels’ match-3 mini-game. Synthesize your lower level gems into higher level ones and reap stat boosts from socketed gems. 
Q: How can I play Team Dungeon?
A: Team Dungeon unlocks when you get to level 25. As you level up, you gain access to harder Team Dungeons.
Q: How many players do I need for a Team Dungeon?
A: You can access a Team Dungeon with two players, but it is best to have three. That way you can be sure to earn more Warsouls and skill books! 
Q: Can I bring my entire party into a Team Dungeon?
A: No - you can only bring your main character, an angel, and 1 Hero.
Q: How do I Blitz single player dungeons?
A: First, you have to have already cleared that dungeon before you can blitz it. Thereafter, you can blitz to your heart’s content.